Fast Facts About Bone Tumors

The orthopaedic surgeons at GDO have unmatched experience in the area of bone tumors. Performing over 1100 musculoskeletal surgeries a year, we’ve heard many of the same questions time and again from patients, and used that opportunity to assemble some fast facts about malignant and benign bone tumors:

A Complex Reconstruction Case at GDO

Continuing our theme of GDO’s expertise in complex reconstruction surgeries, our blog today details a real-life example of one of these cases. If you’re interested, learn about how our team of experts treated an 82-year-old patient whose quality of life was greatly improved by a complex surgical procedure.

Complex Reconstructions at GDO: Our Nuanced Surgery Expertise

Our team at GDO specializes in handling the most difficult cases. That means tackling complex orthopaedic surgeries with skill and regularity. Interested in our expertise? We’ve assembled a short-list of the most common complex surgeries we see. Check out our latest blog to learn more!

A Real Soft-Tissue Sarcoma Case at GDO

As a continuation of our discussion on soft-tissue sarcomas we wanted to highlight an actual recent case treated by our own Dr. Gilbert at Greater Dallas Orthopaedics. This case was fairly straightforward as far as sarcomas are concerned, and serves as a representation of many sarcoma cases we treat. As mentioned in the title, some details have been altered to protect patient confidentiality.

Soft-Tissue Sarcoma Treatment

The surgeons at Greater Dallas Orthopaedics have garnered a reputation as soft-tissue sarcoma experts. While there are over fifty different soft-tissue sarcomas, it’s an exceedingly rare form of cancer.

GDO & Hip Replacement Revisions: Reversing the Damage

In recent years, hip replacement surgeries have become very commonplace and usually go as planned without serious complications. However, there are occasionally issues with the replacement that requires it to be revised or re-done in a procedure known as a hip replacement revision.

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