GDO Pediatric Patient Story – Gage O.

At Greater Dallas Orthopaedics, we are passionate about serving pediatric patients and their families. We are proud to be able to share more of our pediatric patient stories, with the help of the patients themselves and their parents.

In this story, we hear from Holly O. about her and her son’s journey from diagnosis through remission, and the role GDO played in his recovery.

My son Gage has a long history with cancer. He had his first diagnosis at age 2, and ultimately went into remission. What we ultimately learned is that he has a condition that prevents his body from being able to fight off cancerous tumors, which most of our bodies can handle.


After over a decade of being in remission, Gage was a very active high school student. He and his two brothers were constantly outside dirt biking, skateboarding, and playing sports. During his sophomore year of high school, while skateboarding, the board hit him pretty hard in the shin. He developed a pretty nasty goose egg, so we iced it for a few days.


A week had passed and it hadn’t gone down in size at all. We visited Gage’s treatment team at Scottish Rite and they referred us to GDO, who we’d never met with before. The GDO folks were friendly from the get-go, put us at ease, and performed a biopsy and a resection.


The results of the biopsy came back and Gage had osteosarcoma in his left leg, just below his knee. So, for the second time, I was preparing my child for cancer treatment.


This is where Dr. Gilbert, Dr. Mollabashy, Susie, and the rest of the GDO team became part of our family. We were in near-constant communication and they never made me feel like I was burdening them. When I called, they always answered. If they didn’t have an answer for me, they circled back within 24 hours. We had worked with more medical professionals than I can count, and this was a first.

The treatment plan that GDO helped create for Gage had to be aggressive since Gage’s condition meant the cancer could come back easily. Ultimately, the decision was made that Gage would have his leg amputated below the knee.


This was certainly another blow to our family morale, but GDO continued to be there for us, even if that sometimes meant just offering a shoulder to cry on. The compassion and patience they showed us is something I’ll never forget. 


Following Gage’s surgery, we checked in with GDO to monitor any cancer growth every quarter, then every six months, then every year. They’ve continued to be there for us, even as Gage’s osteosarcoma has gone into remission.


In the time since Gage’s treatment, he’s gone to college and graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in microbiology. He’s now in Colorado studying soil science to further the use of cannabis oil in medicine.


I can’t say enough about the team at Greater Dallas Orthopaedics. I’ve recommended them over and over again to other parents in the same situation we found ourselves in a few years ago. Some of these parents and their kids ultimately worked with GDO and I know their experience was just as warm, kind, and successful as ours.

Thank you GDO!



On behalf of the entire GDO team, we’d like to thank Holly for sharing this story and her kind words. Congratulations to Gage on his continued health and the career success he’s having already! 


We can’t wait to share our next GDO patient story with you in the near future.