GDO Patient Story – Ileana D.

Greater Dallas Orthopaedics is passionate about sharing stories of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from our patients. We also love to hear from these patients about their experience in working with the GDO team. It’s always our goal to be informative, compassionate, and empathic during their time with us.

In this patient story, we hear Ileana D.’s story. Her experience is also about staying calm during crisis and adapting to an evolving treatment plan. She hits on important points, like the role of confidence and clarity during discussions and treatment.

Learn more about her story below.

I was working out at the gym and felt a knot in my left thigh, which I assumed was a pulled muscle. I tried to work it out myself but nothing seemed to make it go away. I went to see my doctor and he referred me to a physical therapist.

Upon that recommendation, I started physical therapy and stuck with it for three weeks. However, during that time the swelling in my thigh just got bigger and bigger, and it started to get more and more sensitive.

At this point, I knew I needed to stop my physical therapy and visit another doctor. They recommended an MRI and when they reviewed the scan, they could tell there was either a tumor or a mass in my leg, but couldn’t make a definitive call because there was a lot of blood in it. With this development, they referred me to Dr. Gilbert and GDO.

Dr. Gilbert met with me, examined my leg, and reviewed the tests. He calmly explained everything to me and said I’d need a biopsy to learn exactly what was happening. The biopsy showed that I did have a tumor – a sarcoma.

I was so scared when this diagnosis came in, but Dr. Gilbert helped me stay calm. From the moment I came into the office, he was compassionate, he answered every single question I had and helped me stay comfortable when he could tell I was starting to get stressed out. 

Dr. Gilbert and my oncologist created a treatment plan – I’d start with chemo, then transitioned to prescriptions. If that wasn’t effective, we’d start radiation and surgery would be a possibility.

After a few weeks of chemo, the pain from my tumor was almost completely gone! I felt great and was sent home to start the prescriptions for a month or two. I felt good for a while but ultimately regressed. I started a month of radiation, and then Dr. Gilbert said that surgery was his recommendation.

Once again, Dr. Gilbert was calm and compassionate, and it left me feeling confident going into the surgery. I’m happy to say that the surgery was successful! 

After a brief recovery, I started physical therapy again, but I got an infection near the area of the surgery. I headed back to GDO to see Dr. Gilbert and he helped me get my recovery back on track! 

I couldn’t recommend Dr. Gilbert and GDO highly enough. I would recommend them to my own family. He is caring and compassionate but doesn’t sugar-coat anything. GDO’s team has so much empathy, I was never nervous when I walked through their doors.

My lasting memory of Dr. Gilbert is from after my sarcoma diagnosis. I asked him how hard this process would be. He calmly answered, “Don’t even worry about it.” I loved that confidence and it helped me stay confident myself!

Thank you so much, Ileana! Your kind words mean everything to our team and we’re so happy to see how well you’re recovering. 

To our readers – we can’t wait to share our next GDO patient story with you in the near future.

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