GDO Patient Story – Edgar J.

Greater Dallas Orthopaedics is passionate about sharing stories of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from our patients. We also love to hear from these patients about their experience working with the GDO team. It’s always our goal to be informative, compassionate, and empathic during their time with us.

This time around, we hear from Edgar J., or as we know him, Ed. Ed is a veteran of the Vietnam War whose experience with orthopedic surgery dates back to his leg amputation following a combat injury. However, what brought him through our doors and to Dr. Wingfield was a biking accident that revealed some additional problems.

Learn more about Ed and his interactions with GDO below:

My experience with orthopedic surgery started a while ago. I’m a Vietnam veteran and was wounded in combat, which ultimately resulted in me losing my leg in 1969. At that time, it meant I was in the hospital for about 9 months.

In the time since then, I’ve reached a point of proficiency with prosthetics, and to this day, I ride my bike for a few miles as often as I can. In mid-2018, however, I got a cancer diagnosis and my weight dropped all the way down to 130 lbs towards the end of treatment. 

Treatment was successful and by April of 2019, I was riding my bike again, but in December I fell while biking and broke my arm. This was when Dr. Wingfield and Greater Dallas Orthopaedics entered into my life.

Dr. Wingfield just happened to be working at the hospital whose emergency room I went to. She saw my arm and learned about my cancer history and stepped in to help. The rest of the staff at the hospital couldn’t say enough about Dr. Wingfield’s ability as an orthopedic surgeon, which gave me so much confidence. From the get-go, I could tell that she was talented and kind, with a great sense of humor. I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals, so I knew what personality traits to look for in a good doctor.

She had me stay at the hospital overnight and got surgery scheduled for the next day. The surgery went very, very well, and with a little over-confidence based on my hospital experience, I thought I’d be going home the next day. Unfortunately, I severely under-estimated the impact of this injury on my body.

However, Dr. Wingfield made me feel comfortable and confident as we got started with treatment. As of today, I’m lifting weights and riding my bike again, and you can barely even see the scar on my arm from the injury and surgery. I’ve got nine pins and a piece of titanium in my arm and I think I’ve shown all of my friends my x-ray.

Quite frankly, I can’t say enough about my experience with Dr. Wingfield and GDO. She’s a remarkable surgeon who really cares about taking care of her patients. I have recommended her to friends and family, including a friend who crashed his bike recently as well!

We’d like to thank Ed again for his kind words about Dr. Wingfield and the rest of the GDO team. We’re so happy to see him progress through his recovery and wish him continued success!. 

To our readers – we can’t wait to share our next GDO patient story with you in the near future.

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