GDO Patient Story – Danny F.

Greater Dallas Orthopaedics is passionate about sharing stories about the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of our patients. We also love to hear from these patients about their experience working with the GDO team. It’s always our goal to be informative, compassionate, and empathic during their time with us.

In this patient story, we hear from Danny F., a man with a great deal of experience with doctors and clinics who suffered a serious injury and a traumatic recovery. Not a Texas resident, it took Danny a little while to find GDO, but when he did he was sold on our partnership mindset and creativity.

Learn more about Danny and his journey with GDO below:

By the time you reach my age, you get very familiar with hospitals. I’ve had a hip replacement, a knee replacement, and a heart attack. You get the idea. I’ve dealt with a lot of doctors for a lot of different reasons, so believe me when I say GDO is different.

It all started with a little puppy of mine who wakes up during the night and likes to scatter toys all over the floor. One night, I got up and tripped over one of his toys. I fell to the ground and shattered my femur.

Given the seriousness of the injury, I had to head straight to the emergency room. The ER doctor told me it was a real mess. They addressed the injury as best they could in the ER, and it started to heal up.  Unfortunately, I lost about an inch and a half of bone and had to wear special shoes. For almost two years, I was in constant pain when putting weight on my leg and finally had to see a specialist about it.

I soon found out how specialized this issue was and cast a nation-wide net for potential clinics who could help me. I don’t live in Texas, so it took a little while to find them, but ultimately, Greater Dallas Orthopaedics landed on my radar. After looking through their website and talking to Dr. Gilbert on the phone, I was sold on their creative, team-focused mindset.

After getting to know Dr. Gilbert, I started to view him as an engineer just as much as a doctor. He’s an extremely thoughtful guy, as is the rest of their team. Putting together a solution for me was complicated by the fact that I had a complicated knee replacement below my repaired femur and a hip replacement above it. Despite all of the challenges, they created a plan they believed would work. I had all the confidence in the world that they were right.

I wish I could explain just what they did; it still feels like a miracle to me. It involved complex lasers, replacing my previous knee replacement, and much more. What I know is that they solved my problem. What I loved is that I could feel how much pride Dr. Gilbert and his team felt about this operation. 

After surgery, I woke up in a hospital bed thinking about the limp that had been bothering me for years now. But I felt the footboard and could tell my leg was straight and strong, and I had full feeling. I had an epiphany and just yelled, “it’s a miracle!” and everyone in the room laughed. But I still believe it. 

I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about my experience with Dr. Gilbert and GDO. As I said, I’ve got more experience than most with doctors. My wife calls me a professional patient. And this group, they’re so responsive, it’s just a different experience. I’d recommend them to anyone and everyone.

We’d like to share a sincere thank you to Danny for his kind words and for being as proud of this result as we are. We pride ourselves on providing the best treatment for the toughest cases, and this is a prime example.

To our readers – we can’t wait to share our next GDO patient story with you in the near future.

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