Fast Facts On Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis

People don’t always associate breast cancer and bone cancer, but breast cancer bone metastasis is a reality of late-stage breast cancer. The specialists at Greater Dallas Orthopaedics see more of these cases than anyone else in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, and we’d like to share some quick pieces of information that may help you or a loved one make sense of breast cancer bone metastasis. If this is a diagnosis you are facing, we encourage you to give our team of experts a call.

What is Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis?

Breast cancer bone metastasis occurs when breast cancer has spread to the bones, which weakens them and makes them very prone to fracture. Breast cancer bone metastasis is classified as stage IV breast cancer.

What are the Symptoms and When Does it Occur?

The most common symptoms include pain and swelling in a bone, and while breast cancer bone metastasis can be present at diagnosis, it can also occur years after treatment.

What Effect Does Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis Have on Bones?

Bones gradually become very weak, making fractures more likely to occur. With the underlying bone being weak, these fractures can happen with minimal injury or trauma. A fracture through a tumor, as is common with these cases, is called a pathologic fracture.

What Treatment is Required if a Fracture Occurs?

This really depends on what part of the body is impacted by the fracture. If the fracture takes place in a lower extremity, surgery is often required to preserve the ability to walk and function as well as possible. Upper extremity fractures do often call for surgery as well, though not quite as often. Lastly, if a fracture or bone destruction occurs around a joint as a result of metastasis, joint replacement may be the best option.

Can Anything Preventative be Done to Prevent Fractures?

Yes, in some cases if a large tumor is discovered by a surgeon, they will affix specialized hardware to prevent fracture. This is called prophylactic fixation. Other treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation, or medications that strengthen the bone.At Greater Dallas Orthopaedics, we specialize in providing the best care for the toughest cases. One of our areas of great expertise is revision joint replacement. While joint replacements are typically a very reliable procedure with a very low complication rate, complications do happen. If you’re suffering from a failed joint replacement, we’d like to encourage you to reach out to Greater Dallas Orthopaedics today. Our team of specialists is the most experienced regional referral practice for complex primary, revision, and infected joint replacements.

What is the Appropriate Treatment for Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis?

We encourage any patient with a painful metastatic tumor to have themselves evaluated by an orthopaedic oncology specialist, like the team at Greater Dallas Orthopaedics. Having treated more of these patients than anyone else in the DFW region, we have the expertise to treat bone metastasis through minimally invasive, cutting-edge treatments tailored to suit each patient’s unique needs. The goal of treatment is to return the patient to maximum pain-free activities as quickly as possible.

It’s our sincere hope that these quick facts helped you or a loved one better understand the realities of breast cancer bone metastasis. While a challenging diagnosis to hear, the specialists at Greater Dallas Orthopaedics are on your side, offering unparalleled experience earned through a deep volume of cases. Feel free to reach out to GDO through our contact page, over the phone, or by visiting our locations across Dallas.

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